And I left you hanging again…

July 14, 2008 - 3 Responses

I’ve been working full time since February and I’m still trying to get in the groove. Ofcourse things change in the summer and right when I thought I was getting the hang of it! It’s not been the smoothest transition. I wanted to come straight home and go to bed for atleast the first month. It’s not so much that I was physically exhausted, but more so emotionally. I really would love to be able to be home with my children, but I am being supportive of my husband’s desire to get his college degree. He did the same for me. So, I feel it best to do the same for him.

My kids seem to have adjusted quite well. But, the first week of daycare for my youngest was so hard for me. He cried so hard the first day I dropped him off – it just broke my heart into a million different pieces. But, he’s adjusted so well and is growing leaps and bounds – It amazes me everyday! My daughter really seems to have taken it all in stride. I’m so proud of that little girl but she is growing too fast for her own good. She is seven going on thirteen! 🙂


Time goes by so fast and there is so much to do and that we want to do that it is just impossible to fit it all in. So, it’s been a struggle to find a nice balance. Summer has been good for us because we’re not trying to cram everything in. We’re just trying to enjoy the lazy days of summer together! We won’t, as a family, be taking a vacation this summer. But, my daughter did get to go on a two-week vacation with her Nana and Papa. She had a great time, but boy did I miss her. I’d like to think that she missed me too, but I think she was too busy having fun to worry about us. 🙂

This is just a rambling post. It will take me awhile to get back in the bloggy groove I suspect! Bear with me as I navigate my way back. It is so good to be back and be blessed with your wonderful presence!

God Bless!

Testing, Testing

July 9, 2008 - 4 Responses

Wow! I can NOT believe it has been almost 7 months since I have posted here. It’s been almost that long since I’ve actually commented on a blog as well. I have been keeping up with most of you (is anybody out there?) and have really missed the interaction!

A lot has changed since last we visited! I am now working full-time out of the home and enjoy my job. But boy do I miss being home with my little ones. My husband is back in school – never thought I’d see that day. My daughter is now 7 and my son is now 2! Boy, how time has flown.

We have so much to catch up on! 🙂 I do hope you’ll let me know you stopped by! I hope to be back for good this time – I’ve really missed you all!

Chat with you soon – I hope!

With love,


December 4, 2007 - Leave a Response

It’s the most wonderful time of the Year!!!

December 4, 2007 - 10 Responses

December is such a busy month! I know you can all agree. While we have all but two Christmas presents bought and wrapped and under the tree and the house decked out for the holidays –  I am still feeling busy! We have four birthdays to celebrate before the Ultimate birthday. We have a school party to plan and throw. Another school party for our student teacher to do. A ballet recital to prepare for and attend. A nephew’s play to attend. A vacation to pack for – what do I even pack…good thing I haven’t already banished the spring/summer clothes to the basement! And, I’m sure I’m forgetting something we’ve got planned or need to plan! All this to say I’m busy (as usual) and not posting like I’d like to! But, I do wish you all the most happy of holiday seasons and just in case I don’t make it back here before Christmas, I’d like to wish you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours! 

Hoping the new year will find me better able to manage my time so I can get back to the blog world and posting regularly!

100 Things ~ #2

November 8, 2007 - 9 Responses

I love this girl!!!

This girl has been my best friend for 25 years!

Aren’t we just too cute for words!

Here we’re saying goodbye to a good friend!



One of many proms together…

Fun times…

Class night…

We just loved doing each other’s hair…

Charleston, SC…


My wedding!

My dearest friend,

We have been through so much together. We’ve had our ups & downs. We’ve been through the valley. We’ve climbed mountains. Words cannot express how very much you mean to me. You will always hold a most special place in my heart. I will always cherish your mothering, commitment, steadfastness, strength, beauty, and love. You’ve taught me so many things and those too will I cherish. I miss seeing and talking to you every day but you will always be right beside me. You are my sister not by blood but by LOVE!