A letter to Santa – a Meme

Dear Santa,                         santa.jpg


I know it’s a little early, and usually this letter writing tradition is saved for the children, but I just can’t help it. I think that I’ve been really, really, really sort of good this year, and want you to be the first to see my Christmas list. So, Santa, here are the things that I deserve want under my tree on the 25th.

1. A personal stylist – clothes, hair & makeup

2. The willpower to STOP eating junk food

3. A housekeeper – all day, every day

4. Books, books, & more books

5. The time to read all those books

6. A laptop – so I can read & write blogs anywhere I want

7. World Peace – I don’t want to be too greedy

8. Cures for every disease known to man – cause I would share

Please, dear Santa, do grant me my wishes. You can see from my list that I will carry on your giving spirit.  If these things aren’t under my tree I will be very, very disappointed. No pressure, I mean you wouldn’t want to disappoint little ole me and the rest of the world. Would you?



*This meme was passed on to me by my very bestest friend. Now, you over there consider yourself tagged!

**Anyone else who wants to play along please do so! Just let me know you did so I can check you out and leave a link to you here!!!


5 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t mind a few of the things on your list too! :0)

  2. I’m thinking you are going to get all those things on your list. I’d better make my list so Santa has time to prepare!

  3. I think I’ll do this but it wont be until at least tomorrow. What a fun thing and I dont even usually like memes!

  4. This is a fun meme. I hope to post my letter this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

    What a nice site you have.

  5. #s 6,7,8 would be on my list if I were to make one. Thanks for sharing…
    I guess, I will write Santa ,too !

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