O Christmas Tree


 Well, we finally got our tree decorated. We have had our tree for over a week now and we just yesterday had the time to decorate it. I love to decorate for Christmas! We’ve decided to hit the after Christmas sales this year and get all new lights and ornaments for next years tree. We’ve been using the same ornaments since 2001 and they are dwindling in number. I would love to do a different themed tree every other year. I’m just hoping we can find something we like (and agree on) for next year.


I love to sit in the dark with the Christmas tree all aglow with something warm to drink and Holiday music playing softly. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year! Wishing you all a most wonderful Holiday season!

I’m off to conquer my to-do list:

  • laundry

  • dishes

  • finish putting up decorations

  • take all decoration boxes down to basement

  • laundry

  • vaccuum

  • make beds

  • what to have for dinner

  • and did I mention laundry?

Wish me luck!







One Response

  1. Your tree looks beautiful. After Christmas sales is how I collected most of my ornaments too.

    Hope you have a great day.

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