TGIF-a post with no direction!

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I love the weekends! Everybody gets to be home together for two whole days!!! Which is not always the case, but still we have the option if we so choose! We have some plans for the weekend: Saturday brunch with the in-laws and then off to decorate gingerbread houses at said in-laws with the kids, ofcourse. Saturday game night with a couple who happen to be our friends. 🙂 We played Cranium last Friday night and we had soooooo much fun! Have you played this? We were so hooked we played until 3 in the morning! Seriously addictive!

Sunday is church ofcourse and daughter attends Music Makers in the evening. We are hoping to get to see my mom this weekend so that we can give her her birthday present! Her birthday was the 5th! Happy Birthday to You!

We have several birthdays in the month of December:

My mom – 5th

Mom-in-law – 8th (Today-Happy Birthday to you, too)

Brother – 9th

Nephew – 19th (this would also be my late step-dads)

Baby Jesus – 25th

I also have a lot of Chritmas goodies that need to be, atleast, started this weekend!

Scented Cinnamon Ornaments,

a craft or two for everyone from daughter (still searching for good ideas),

gingerbread boys & girls to decorate at school Holiday party,

cookies & treats to share,

teachers & office staff gifts,

and others I can’t remember right now (need to write them down)!

Those of you who have visited before…do you like this theme? I really like the other one, but I’m all about some change. I love to change things up & give you (okay  me) something new to look at. If only I knew how to design my own theme/layout! I may have to take some web design courses.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. I doubt I will be posting anything this weekend. Here’s a cute picture to send you on your way!





2 Responses

  1. Your blog looks great! I hope you had a wonderful brunch and fun time decorating gingerbread houses. Did you start on your Christmas goodies? I need to get my cookies started this week!

  2. The color scheme , the layout, the post =) ,so easy on the eyes! This is only my 2nd or 3rd visit actually, I guess your previous theme was lime green(?), but definitely this one looks great. Funny pics too.

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