Works for Me Wednesday





Ok, so I took the idea from Laura over at Org Junkie! She is fantastic. You may remember her post about her Art Center. I was so tired of papers all over the house, markers drying out, glue on the floor, etc, etc, etc. We had all the craft stuff in the playroom, but the playroom gets out of control really fast and we love to do crafts and my daughter loves to doodle. So, when I found the Art Center that Laura had set up I knew that that was what would save our arts & crafts time! I had an extra table in the basement that was perfect for it. I went into the dreaded playroom and gathered all the arts & crafts supplies I could find and set to work. It didn’t take me long at all. I set it up in the dining room because that is where we are/should be doing our arts & crafts anyway and it is not a big eye sore. The caddy that is holding the pencils, pens & scissors was actually one I had in my kitchen holding utensils. I was really tired of having two utensil holders on the counter and made room in a “junk” drawer to put the other utensils. What a wonderful use for that. The two pencil boxes are being used for stickers & “office” supplies. The blue & red container is holding all of the crayons and markers. Well, I hope this will help some of you, too! It definitely works for me!

*For other great Works for Me tips and ideas please go visit Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer!


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  1. Oh my word, you made me so happy. It looks terrific and I love that you were able to utilize stuff you had around the house…it just doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to get organized and this is a great example of that. Way to go! Laura

  2. That’s a great job!! Probably less frustrating for the littles too since they can
    find everything they need to create anything they want! Great idea!


  3. I have a notepad that says, ” I am not messy. I’m creative!” How nice to be both creative and neat!

  4. Nice work! I need to do something like this myself.

    I’ve posted a 12 lbs ‘til Christmas WFMW tip.

  5. I love that idea! How creative! I have been thinking about doing this as well! (inspired by the famous Laura as well) and I have just about figured it out. I think that may be a tackle-it-tuesday and a works-for-me-wednesday both next week. 🙂 I just need to figure out a few more final logistics of working it all out and then we’ll be good to go! But I must say that I really love your idea of using your utensil holder (and for ridding yourself of one junk drawer – wasn’t that awesome!)

  6. I am impressed! You are on the ball!

  7. I love having things in order : ) !! It looks fabulous!

  8. Becky,
    I love that idea. I have a small table set up for my kids, but my problem now is getting them to put things back where they belong! You’ve inspired me to re-organize the thing.

    Thanks for stopping by my site!!!

  9. Your art centers look wonderful!!! You did a great job setting everything up!


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