For Kelli and Joe’s Goals

Ok, so I went to BooMama’s site today to donate to Kelli. Please read about it here and if you can not donate monitarily, please do so with your prayers! Kelli and her family really need this!

So, while at BooMama’s I was reading about Susie and how she is donating 20% of all blog design sales (for a limited time) to Kelli. Which is so wonderful. I click on over to her blog and found this site on her latest Thursday 13 post.

I had to go check it out! I am excited to be using it now…especially for SMART Habit Saturday. I put in my first two goals from the SMART Habit Saturday and will continue to do so! Then I can post my Joe’s Goals tracker in my post for SMART Habit Saturday! Oh, so exciting. Well, this is what it looks like so far for this week.


Becky's Personal Score Badge

Ok, so I’m not doing so well since Friday, but looking at it motivates me! So, now I’m off to clean up the house, exercise, and drink my water!!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!! I’m all about some linky love today, huh?


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link to help Kelly.

  2. We have definitely been keeping Kelli in our prayers. I have a special place in my heart for her since I have kidney issues as well.

    I LOVE Joe’s Goals. I will have to look into. You definitely need to post it on your next SMART Habit Saturday to share the info. Off I go fo fine Joe …

  3. Ok, I added Joe to my SHS post and I checked off my various goals but it doesn’t show anything! I’ll have to check it tomorrow to see if it’s doing anything.

    Thanks for the idea. It looks fun if I can get it working!

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