SMART Habit Saturday ~ 1/20/07

It is week three of SMART Habit Saturday! The first week I didn’t officially join in, but I started exercising 30 minutes a day at a local gym for ladies! I feel I’ve done really good at this goal. I missed Monday & Tuesday of this week because my son has a case of chicken pox and we had some rough nights. I’m glad to say that he is on the mend and we are back to sleeping through the night, Yeah!!!

My second goal is to drink 40 ounces of water a day. I wanted to start with 40 and work my way up to 64! Well, I did not do well this week. Monday and Tuesday I did not drink any water. But, Wednesday & Thursday I got 20 ounces down. Yesterday I drank close to 60 ounces and decided to take the advice of Lucy (modified for me) and filled up a pitcher with 64 ounces of water and will keep it in the fridge. Now, looking in the refrigerator I will see my water and hope it will deter me from drinking anything else until I drink it all gone! I will continue to work on both of these until they become a habit.

I thought about not posting another goal until these become habits, but I decided I would add something else to my day. Something unrelated to fitness! My new goal for this week is to clean the kitchen before bed. Some of the ladies participating are doing this as well. I have used FlyLady off and on for close to 6 years and the first thing she tells you to do is Shine Your Sink. Well, when I do this it really does make a difference. When the kitchen is clean it helps to motivate me to keep the rest of the house clean! Really! So, that is my goal for the week.

I do have to tell you about a site I found through Susie. I wrote about it in a previous post, but not all of you visit my site regularly. So, I will share with you again. It is the site Joe’s Goals. You can input your goals and keep track of them through his site. You can then upload a tracker to your blog so everyone can see where you stand.

Becky's Personal Score Badge

It is a great way to keep you motivated because you can see your status daily. He will also remind you if you haven’t updated in a few days! It really is great! Go check it out! I think it goes great with SMART Habit Saturday!

If you have some goals you would like to accomplish this year this is a great way to do it. You will have the support and encouragement of all the SMART participants and ofcourse from the mastermind behind it! Head on over to Lara’s site to learn more about SMART Habit Saturday and join in!

Have a great weekend! I’m off to help some friends paint and wallpaper their new house. So, if I don’t get to your blog today I will be there tomorrow! 🙂


10 Responses

  1. Best of luck on the kitchen!! I had that as one of my first goals! It is really nice when I do clean it up before bed. It makes me keep it nice the following day as well. My DH also helps and doesn’t want to be the first to put a dirty dish in the sink!!

    Good luck on the fitness, as well!

  2. I’m so glad that your son is feeling better. I have never had to deal with chicken pox. It sounds horrible!

    I’m glad you picked a new habit this week. Mix it up a bit! We actually did our dishes last night too. The kids and I usually wait until morning because we’re too tired at night.

  3. Good luck 🙂 And thanks for that goal tracker site, I think I’ll use it!

  4. Thanks for recommending the goal tracking website. I’m eager to give it a try.

    Good luck with keeping your kitchen clean. I’ve been trying to “fly” for about six years now, too and haven’t gotten where I want to be. I do like her ideas and have learned a lot from reading her emails.

    Have a great week!

  5. Way to go on the exercising and at least you are making progress on drinking water. Progress is good 🙂 !! Your body will thank you.

    Good luck on keeping your sink shiny this week. I like how you have been keeping your goals small and manageable.

    So glad your son is feeling better. It makes life so difficult when kids are sick.

    You are such a great friend to help your friends paint and wallpaper their house. You are welcome over here anytime 🙂 !!

    Have a spectacular week!

  6. I need to drink more water.

    Cleaning your kitchen before you go to bed really does make a difference. It changes your whole attitude about cleaning the house the next day when you are already off to a great start. I need to be better about that.

  7. Good Luck on your goals! I like that goal chart too!

  8. Good job on exercising. I am also working on drinking water and cleaning my sink. Thank you for recommending Joe’s Goals I checked it out earlier this week and you’re right it does seem like it will benefit us with SMART Habit Saturday.

    Good luck this week.

  9. You’re doing great on your exercising and water intake. Much much better than me. I really need to buckle down soon, but I keep finding so many reasons not to get back into the habit. Plus, we have our Super Bowl party coming up in another week and I will definitely overeat and probably not drink a sip of water all day!

    Cool thing, that goal tracking site. I am going to have to check that out.

    Keep going, looking forward to seeing how you are doing on your goals 🙂

  10. Great list and good luck with your goals. Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #27 Home Repair and Improvement Projects!

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