Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things about Becky!

Ok, so I have become obsessed with reading blogs and have found some pretty amazing bloggers out there. They inspire, motivate, encourage and feed my spirit! Aside from the beautiful ladies in my sidebar, whom I read on a daily basis, I have come across some other ladies who will also be joining them on that list! So, today I want to share some of the new blogs I have found and spread some linky love! I hate to narrow it down to 13, but that is the title you know! 🙂

1. Denise! I’m following suite here. She did this last week and I was honored to be mentioned on her list all the other wonderful bloggers. I first found Denise through Menu Plan Monday and saw she loved to read. And boy is she creative…her cards are beautiful!

2. Sarah! I’m sure a lot of you already are familiar with Sarah, but I just found her a few short days ago. I went to read her blog last night and I could not stop! She is real and honest and funny! She had three beautiful children, too! She also loves to paint (me too)!!!

3. Barb! You probably know her, too. She is Sarah’s aunt and they have a whole family of bloggers! She is a wonderful mother, wife, friend and so much more. She recently won the CWO’s Sweet Scent Homemaker Award. She is very deserving of this award! I just recently delurked on her site and she came by to say a few sweet words and I was so happy for that!

4. Katrina! She loves to read and hosted the Fall into Reading Challenge! I can’t wait to join in the Spring Challenge!

5. Bev! Yep, she is part of the blogging family with Sarah and Barb. She is actually Sarah’s mother. Anyway, I’ve not been reading her long and haven’t actually delurked, but what I’ve read I’ve loved! She also loves to read!!!

6. Big Mama! Another one I’ve not been reading long and haven’t delurked yet! But, oh goodness, this Mama is funny! 🙂

7. Veronica! Ok, I first found her when BooMama pointed us in her direction for a series of posts about the Twelve Days of Christmas! This woman can write and those posts (I haven’t finished all of them) brought me to tears! She is also crafty!

8. Laurel! I first came across Laurel’s blog when I found out about her New Year’s Meditations! I love to visit her site for help along my journey! Her faith is inspiring!

9. Friday Style! Susan has a very funny blog over here, but this one is devoted to Style Q & A! I admit I am a mommy uniform wearer most of the time. Please don’t hate me for that! 🙂 I hardly go anywhere, but when I do I head her words of advice!!!

10. Blogging Basics 101! I’m sure you’ve all heard of this by now! It is a great help to those of us who are new to blogging or those who need a refresher! Shannon and Chilihead came up with this brainchild! They are so clever!!!

11. Motivation Moments! I’m trying to shed some pounds…so is she! And she has this great site to keep us motivated. I’m checking in with my stats and so are others! She also has another blog here!

12. Air Force Family! Oh, she loves to read!!! And look at her beautiful daughter! She is also a very new read for me, but I love her book reviews!

13. Karen! She has a precious little boy and I absolutely love the colors in her house! This girl is so not afraid of color and it is beautiful! She even plays Twister with her son!

So, I really need to get all of these women on my bloglines so I don’t have to go to each site. Cause you all know how much time that takes! Thanks for stopping by and Have a great day!!!


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22 Responses

  1. I like the list and am busy surfing each. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy TT

  3. That’s a sweet tribute to your blogging friends 🙂


  4. Great list! I will have to visit some of these since I’m always looking for new interesting blogs to read.

    Happy Thursday!!

  5. Great list and Happy TT!

  6. Good list. I am familar with some and will have to visit the new to me ones you mentioned. Thanks.


  7. Such a nieat idea for a TT!

    My TT is up, too. Please stop by @ Coffee2go – Thanks =)

  8. Some of these I know, but some I don’t. I’ll have to hop over and check them all out:) Thanks for sharing. That’s a great TT list. I always like it when someone shares blogs they like to read. It’s hard to find everyone out there and a good “plug” is the way to go.

  9. I love many of those blogs, too – but some are new to me or I haven’t seen in a long time. Lovely list!

  10. Saw your comment on Sparky Duck’s TT. Mine is on memorable concert experiences and you’ll like my Friday Flashback (80’s videos) from the 12th as it focussed on Atlanta bands and included Indigo Girls (who I also saw on Ellen this past week)

  11. Thanks for spreading the love (and for the mention!). Blog reading is great fun and I spend a fair amount of spare time doing it! Some of these I already read… but there are some new ones too! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by West of Mars; I hope to make your list next time around. In the meantime, I’ll check out your favorites. Recommendations are always good to have (especially in something as large as the blogosphere).

  13. That is so sweet how you did that!

    (((Thank you so much for the prayers!!!)))

    Nice to meet you! 🙂

  14. How fun … I have some new blogs to check on!

    Don’t you love bloglines?

    My TT list is up, too.

  15. Aw, thanks for including me Becky!

  16. Great blogs mentioned here! Thanks for previewing for me!

  17. well of course its a great list, who doesnt love some linky love?

  18. What a wonderful, thoughtful Thursday Thirteen! I love finding good blogs to read (like yours!) and already have several of those ladies marked to read in my Google Reader. I’m definitely going to check out most of the other ones you highlighted. What a great blogger buddy you are for highlighting their links 🙂

  19. oh fun! great list! glad to be back :). just hoping my computer doesnt die on me. the screens been flickering on and off for the last while…but I AM DESPERATE to blog so i am ignoring the annoying problem. haha


  20. Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)Š

  21. I’ll have to take a moment to go visit some of these recommendations!

  22. I love fun recommendations! thanks! Happy Sunday:)

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