Tuesday Testimony

I decided to do a lighthearted post today because last weeks testimony was not. Also because I was lacking the time to draft it earlier and this was just too cute not to share!!!

Worn Out!!!

My Tuesday Testimony: I wear my son out! I put him in his highchair, after a morning full of playing, give him some cheerios and turn on Blues Clues and this is what I find only five minutes later! 🙂 


7 Responses

  1. So darn cute! I have worn my son and daughter out much the same way on several different occasions 🙂 .

  2. An hour in the playground does the trick for me!

  3. Oh, and p.s. Yes, it *is* weird that you love my laundry room! 😆

  4. Came by for WFMW and this story just made me smile.

  5. So cute!!!

  6. Very cute. I’ve had the same thing happen to me, although that was a while ago now!

  7. Oh, that is just the cutest thing! He does look completely tuckered out from all of that play time 🙂

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