50 Cheap Dates!

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When I saw this swimming around the blogosphere I thought I had nothing to offer. But, honestly, my husband and I always do cheap dates! Shalee is hosting this brainchild so when you’re done here go check out her site for more great ideas!

1. My first date is only possible when it is warm outside. My husband and I love to go for a mountain bike ride or even a hike for that matter and have a picnic lunch. It is very romantic to be alone with your husband in the middle of nature and just take it all in! We do take the kid(s) with us a lot, but it is so great when we can get away by ourselves!

2. Another one for warm weather. My husband loves to golf and I like it to except that I’m no good! But, it is a lot of fun to either go to the driving range and hit a couple buckets of balls or to even walk the course with him when he is playing. It’s nice to be with him when he is doing something he really loves. The kid(s) like this, too! But, again, it is really nice when it’s just the two of us!

3. Hubby and I love to watch movies. But, the price of movies at the theatre is a little too much for us. So, we joined Blockbusters online rental program and are never without a movie. We love to go out to dinner and come back home to snuggle up and watch a movie together in peace and quiet. It’s fun!

4. My hubby and I also like to bowl. It can be expensive, but if you go at the right time it won’t be. When we have a sitter during the day we will go to lunch and then go to the bowling alley to bowl a few games. Lots of fun and inexpensive when you go in the daytime. And it is not too crowded!

5. One of my all time favorite things to do with my hubby is to have him build a fire in the Family room. We take a bunch of pillows and blankets and just lay together by the fire. I love to do this with him. So very romantic and does not cost a thing.

6. My plans for Valentine’s Day this year! We do not have a babysitter for Valentine’s day this year so we will be staying in. I plan to make a nice dinner and dessert. I will feed the kids and bathe them before the hubby gets home so that (hopefully) by the time he gets here they will be in the bed. Hubby and I will have our dinner together by candlelight and then take our dessert along with some nice wine and cuddle in front of the fireplace. Simple, cheap and oh so romantic!

Well, Shalee, are you proud there are no bookstore dates included. I followed the rules! Actually, we never go to the bookstore for a date. Starbucks is a different story all together! 🙂

I hope this helps some of you and I can’t wait to read others ideas! Have a great day!


8 Responses

  1. Heck yeah, I’m proud of these bookstore-less ideas! And I’m keeping a recording of them so that I can quickly pull one out the next time we get “the date night”.

    And to be honest, coffee is usually involved somewhere in all our dates!

    Thank you for your most excellent, fun ideas.

    *I’m so glad you’re proud! 😉 Coffee is usually involved in our dates as well! And, you are most certainly welcome! I enjoyed doing this! Thanks!

  2. We love to watch movies as well. I have been thinking about subscribing to Blockbuster as a gift for my hubby. I think he would really like this. I am glad to know that it works well for you. Thanks!

    *It works great for us! I love being able to return them to the store for more. And, as soon as they receive them from the store they ship out more. Have to remember to keep the que filled though! 🙂 You all will definitely enjoy it.

  3. Great ideas, love the fireplace thought. We love movies too, and usually do them at home together. Great fun! And got to do those star trek ng’s together.

    *Thanks! It really is great fun! 🙂

  4. My favorite idea from your list is cuddling in front of the fire. My husband and I love to watch movies together, too, but we don’t have a couch, so the cuddle factor is sorely lacking. I told him that getting a couch HAS to be a priority for us this year simply because of this. He agrees!

    *I agree that you need a couch! 🙂 Snuggling is so much fun! We have a TV in the bedroom, too. Makes it nice to lay in bed and watch movies. We both have to have some kind of noise to fall asleep. If I could just remember to set the sleep timer! 😉

  5. I like the fire idea, too. Too bad Mr. Chicken is a die-hard anti-romantic. He’d think that was goofy. But we do the movie thing all the time.

    This was fun to read and a nice glimpse inside your life.

    *I’m so glad you stopped by! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  6. All of your ideas are wonderful! We subscribe to Netflix because it’s so much cheaper that going out to a regular movie.

    I offered one, cheap and fun idea in my post!

    *Thanks. We tried Netflix for awhile, but we love being able to go to Blockbuster to trade in our movies. We are never without one! 🙂

  7. We have some of the same ideas. Aren’t fireplaces awesome! We do hiking around here and it has been great. I can’t wait for spring! Thanks!

    *Yes, indeed, fireplaces are awesome! 🙂 I can’t wait for spring either. We are due for a nice hike and bike ride! And, You are welcome!

  8. You and I must be cut from the same mold, because we love to do all of those things. We especially love a good bowling date.

    However, we do like to peruse bookstores … and get hot cocoa from Starbucks 🙂 !!

    *I would love to peruse bookstores on a date with the hubby, but him…not so much!!! We are all about some Starbucks dates, though. We try to go once a month with one of our couple friends to go bowling. It really is fun! 🙂

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