SMART Habit Saturday Week 7

I’m sorry I missed last week, but it was crazy busy around here with the celebration of my son’s 1st Birthday!!!

Last week I had planned to set the goal of making the beds everyday. This is actually what I started doing the week I was supposed to be taking off to work on making my other goals into Habits!!! πŸ™‚

Week 1: Exercise 5 days a week! I had two, maybe three, weeks that I was not able to make it all 5 days. This really is becoming a habit for me and I hate not to make it!

Week 2: Drink 40 oz. of water a day. Ok, this one has been my hardest habit to make. I decided I would reset this goal with 20 oz. of water a day and I’m doing it. Once I make this a habit I will up the intake!

Week 3: Clean kitchen before bed. I’ve been doing pretty good with this one with the exception of this week. I’ve really been in a funk this week and let the house go. But, I’m heading out of it and the house is starting to look like a home again!

Week 4: Living room pick up before bed. Same as above. It didn’t look near as bad as my kitchen did, but it looks really good now! It’s been the easiest room to keep picked up!

Week 5: Supposed to be my week off to concentrate on the five goals that were not yet habits, but I added making the beds daily to my list. I did great with this except, again, for this week. We are also redoing our main bath and everything from that bathroom is all over my bedroom and family room. But, I bought the cutest baskets to organize all that stuff and organize my linen closet! Yeah!

Week 6: I missed last week, but you would have gotten what you just got now! Ha. That is the worst sentence I have ever written! So, we’ll say that technically week 6 was my off week!

Week 7: Can you believe we are already on week 7? Wow! Ok, so for this week I’m going to add reading from the Bible daily. One of my New Year’s goals is to read the Bible in its entirety and this will help me make it there. I won’t set a limit to what I read because somedays I may be able to read a whole book, while other day may just be a few verses.

So, I can’t wait to see how you all are doing. This is an uphill battle for me, but it will be well worth it! Make sure you go to Lara’s site The Lazy Organizer to check out more SMARTies and send them some words of encouragement! πŸ™‚


5 Responses

  1. Glad that you are forming some habits. I can relate to so much of what you wrote. I am also trying to get back on track with my goals this week. Our goals are so similar.

    I hope your son had a good 1st birthday. Those are so much fun.

    Good luck this week!


  2. We are glad to have you back this week. Great job on all the progress you are making. It’s not so much that we are excelling at every single thing we set out to do, but as long as we are moving in the right direction then I think that is what is important. For example, I love how you dropped your water goal to something more attainable for you and then you will add to it when you can. It is all about baby steps πŸ™‚ .

    Good luck with your Bible reading. I am sure it will make a drastic difference in your life!

  3. Good luck with your goal this week! When I was consistent with scripture reading, it always helped me to do it at the same time…

  4. Great recap on your goals, and no I can’t believe it’s week 7 already. Good job jumping back in and good luck in following through this week.

  5. Way to get back on track! I’m sure your scripture reading will help you with all your other habits and your busy life.

    You got to do some organizing? What fun!!!

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