Tea Time

The birthday party theme was Tea Time! My mil went above and beyond getting this party ready. I don’t know what I was ever concerned about. When we arrived at my mil’s house the girls went straight in and sat down at the table. They were ready!!! But, they had to get dressed for the Tea party first. So, we led them to their bags (I decorated each of the girls a bag that held their dress, tiara, wand, shoes, and jewelry) and took them to get dressed! We also had boas, pink & purple hair pieces and beautiful hats for them to wear! Here is a picture of my little princess after getting dressed for the party!!!

Tea Time

After everyone was ready for Tea time we let them each find a place at the table and we started! We had fruit salad, chips, cheese doodles, butterfly & flower tea sandwiches, and tea of course. Except the tea was really apple juice and fruit punch. The girls had fun serving each other tea! When they were finished with Tea time they weren’t quite ready for cake.

So, we moved the party down stairs for makeovers!!! We had a make-up station, a hair station, and a nail station. Oh, the girls just loved being pampered and we had so much fun pampering them.

TeaTime Make-up

TeaTime Hair

TeaTime Nails

Once all six of the girls had been made over it was time to dance! We had the TV tuned to Radio Disney and in this picture we were all shaking our tail feathers! 🙂 It was a blast. I wish I could show you the video with my mom out there shaking things up! It was priceless!!!

TeaTime Dance

After dance time the girls were ready for cake and ice cream! Once again the girls enjoyed serving each other tea! Here is a picture of my princess with her cake!


Now it was time to open presents. She got some really great gifts and I can’t wait to get the Thank You cards out. I took a picture of each of the girls handing their present to Brianna and I’ll include one in each card! Here is a picture of my princess opening her first gift!


By this point I am ready to get the girls changed and ready to go. But, we needed one more picture before we could head out.

TeaTime Group

This is a group shot with me. You can see one of the girls had already changed. Oops! But, this was the last shot of the day and we got a good one with their hats on! I love those hats. The girls still wanted to stay and play, but we were already late getting home! So, off to change and gather their loot we go! The girls (all of them) got to take home their dresses with accessories, hats, hair pieces, boas, make-up, and hair doodle. My mil made them all a goody bag that included a necklace & earrings, a princess ornament and some suckers. My mom gave each of the girls a giant box of crayons with a mermaid coloring book and a two-sided picture frame that had a group picture on one side and a picture of that particular girl with my girl on the other. Also, on the group side my mom put Tea Time with scrapbook letters and 2007 on the other side. She added a couple small daisies to both sides and I have to tell you that they were so precious!!! I wish you could see them! Reading this makes it sound like it was way over the top. Maybe it was, but it was worth it. My daughter said that this was the best birthday party she ever had. All the girls really had a great time and three of the five parents called to say how great the pictures turned out, how much fun their daughter had, and a big Thank You for all their loot!!! I don’t believe that there is any possible way to top this party and I don’t know that I’ll try. Without my mil and my own mom it wouldn’t have been so great and I am so grateful that they wanted to do this!

Now, I am feeling really sorry for the way I felt towards the other mom. I didn’t confront her and I won’t. It was silly of me to get so upset. We didn’t change anything or add anything to our original plans and it was a blast. Our parties were very different in the end and they were both fun for all the girls.

So, that was the party! It was fun and I was exhausted! My daughter did start to feel really bad after we had the cake and ice cream (of which she ate none) and we had to give her some Motrin and let her lie down for a bit. Once the Motrin kicked in she was ok and ready to jump back in! I can’t believe she is six. The time just flies by, but we’re enjoying every minute of it! I thank the Lord for my precious princess!



8 Responses

  1. What a fun party you had! The pictures are great and your daughter is just adorable in that first shot Becky with her little dimple showing! It sounds like everything went really well and they had a good time. I love the group shot at the end. Glad everything worked out and you were able to have the party as you had planned! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I love it!!! what a fun party!!!! and the group shot is worth a 1000 words!

  3. It looks and sounds like you alll had a great time. What a great gift to give to your daughter and her friends. I’m glad you went on with this plan and didn’t change it.


  4. What a FUN birthday party! All the girls look so pretty dressed up like princesses and I love the cake!! I’m glad to hear her day was so special!

  5. You sure know how to throw a party! My daughter would love this theme … although our budget is pretty tight so I am not sure if I could pull it off.

    Above all, though, I am glad you are feeling better towards the other woman. It’s not fair when they hurt us that we have to suffer with festering feelings, but you are doing wonderfully!

  6. It looks like it was SUCH a fun party! Glad that it all turned out ok!

  7. WOW
    what a great idea
    i LOVE it
    i can see shiloh wanting a party like this one…in a few years.

    Bless you sister! shalom

  8. Sounds like a great time! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it!

    Loved the pictures.

    My son just informed me this morning at breakfast that instead of having 2 friends sleep over for his birthday (the end of THIS month) he wants to have a birthday party with 10 friends. I’m in panic mode … planning! So much planning!!! I’ve only got 2 weeks. Aaaaaaahhhhh!


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