Read to Me 2007 – Conclusion

The Read to Me 2007 Mission has come to a close. My goals for the mission were:

 Daughter – read one book or part of one each day, read a devotional everyday before bed, and to continue to read her library books daily.

Son – simply read to him daily.

Me – read from my Bible daily.

I wish I could say that I did all of those things, but I did not. I did read to my son everyday. He is really starting to get into looking at the books while I read the words rather than eating them. It has been fun to make this a daily thing and now I can say “do you want to read a book?” and he will plop down in my lap with excitement. My daughter and I did do several devotions, but this has not become a daily habit for us. We did continue to read her library books, but again not every day. And, it was really hard for us to get in extra books. I did not read from my Bible daily, but did more so than I was. I think we’ve made progress, but not where I would like us to be yet!

Jennifer asked us to answer a few questions in regards to the mission.

  • How the mission helped you actually read more – It helped me to be more aware of when we could make time for reading. It allowed me the opportunity to sit down with my son daily to read. It is very easy for me to sit down with my son and read on a daily basis because he and I are alone for six hours of the day. Since he came along, though, I am finding it difficult to be able to spend the same quality time with my daughter. Between keeping a friend of my daughters 4 days a week after school until about 5:30 and chasing after my little one, it’s been hard to squeeze time in to read. I love to read with her before bed and we have done so since she was a baby and I’m going to be working harder to make this a daily ritual!
  • The changes you made in order to do this – I don’t really feel like I made any changes to do this. I do feel like I need to make some changes to do this though. The mission made me really look at what our nightly schedule looked like and where I could make some changes. What I’m trying to do is to now wait until after the children have been bathed, read to, and tucked into bed to clean up the kitchen from dinner and pick-up the living room before I go to bed. I think by doing this I will be able to read to both children before putting them to bed and not leaving either one out!
  • How your attitudes and/or your children’s were affected – My attitude has changed in that I am more aware of how reading can create or strenghten my bond with my children. My daughter loves to read and be read to and I love to watch her face light up when we read together. I can’t say my daughter’s attitude has changed any because we really didn’t make any big changes. But, I’m hoping that we can work on this and that I will continue to see her loving to read! My son’s attitude has changed in that he is excited to sit in my lap while I read him a book. His current favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?. It’s been amazing to see him grab a book (he is trying to say book, but for now it just sounds like bu) and bring it to me to read!!!
  • Your plans going forward for family reading – My plans going forward are to really work hard at making reading a daily habit. No time limits or restraints. Just to sit and read with each of my children everyday. My daughter does enjoy my son’s books which has been nice for us all to read them together. But, I really want to spend quality time with each of them reading together. I also plan to continue to strive to read my Bible on a daily basis. I feel I really need to do this for my spiritual health.
  • Any or all of the books that you discovered and enjoyed – The only new to us book that we read was the first Junie B. Jones book. I bought the first four of these for my daughter for Christmas. We started reading the first one soon after Christmas, but never got around to finishing it. So, my daughter and I sat down one day in my son’s room while he was playing and we read the whole book. It was a cute book and we look forward to reading more of them. I do want to get some children’s poetry books to read. I loved reading Shel Silverstein when I was growing up and I’d love to share it with my children.

Well, that is that. Thank you Jennifer for encouraging all of us to make reading a habit for ourselves and our children. I appreciate your efforts and am glad I took part.


6 Responses

  1. I think you did a grand job, especially reading to your son every day. I remember when Cory would just eat the books, too, but now he loves to read and look at the details in the pictures … of course when he is in the right mood.

    We have been reading Junie B. to my daughter as well. I think we are on volume 9 or something. The only thing that bugs me about these books is the bad grammar … and sometimes the things the kids do. I always correct the grammar while I am reading. Maybe I am weird and uptight, but at such a critical age, I don’t want my little girl picking up bad habits when English grammar is already going to pot.

  2. At least you attempted it! I have every intention and never did!

    We do read to all four kids daily and the boys read independently as well, but I know we could do better.

    My hat’s off to you for at least giving this challenge a shot. I think you did great!


  3. I missed this reading challenge! I’m so glad you did it. I do read to Snuggle Bug on a daily basis, usually before bed. Thankfully, he’s caught the reading bug and I catch him thumbing through his books in his room or he’ll bring books to us to read to him. 🙂

  4. I’m proud of you! Great job with the goals for yourself as well as reading with the kids! Have you made it to the library for any of the Karen Kingsbury books? You’ll be HOOKED!! Love ya!

  5. This is such a good thing to do and it’s great that you did!
    I loved reading to my kids and as a former teacher, I think it’s so important. And I think you’re right, it does create a bond….good job on it!

    I tagged you for a musical meme, but don’t feel like you have to do it!

  6. I think you did a great job. It’s great that your little guy is starting to get the routine, and enjoys the time. I very well remember when my busy little guy began enjoying plopping into my lap as well.

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