“It’s a Surprise”


Two posts in one day…I must be bored! 🙂 This is the first Carnival at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas that I’ve participated in and I thought it would be fun. This week’s carnival theme is “It’s a Surprise”! I love this idea! This week we are supposed to:

“Hit random on the CHBM webring, read a few posts and leave a few comments at that blog, then make a carnival post telling the other CHBMs why we should be reading that blog. Keep hitting random if you get an abandoned blog. “

So, I hit random and came upon Valerie’s blog titled Adventures in Parenting! This is what her intro says:

“I’m Valerie wife to Tony and mom to Terrell. We are currently waiting to start IVF#2. Terrell desperately wants to be a big brother. He is spoiled so of course we are trying to give him a sister and/or brother. Crazy aren’t we? “

Let me just tell you that her son is absolutely adorable! I read through several of her posts and I enjoyed my time there. I do not know alot about IVF but that is what she is going through right now and your prayers and encouragement, I’m sure, would be greatly appreciated. I do wish her the best and look forward to reading more about her journey. Hop on over and say Hello to Valerie!

To see what other CHBM Carnival participants are talking about just head over to CHBM and take a look! This was fun!


2 Responses

  1. Aww thanks for the nice post about us!

  2. Sounds delicious!

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