I’ll get to it later!

Have I mentioned I’m a procrastinator??? Well, I am! Mostly with housework but in other areas of life as well. Recently I began reading Karen Kingsbury’s Firstborn series. I couldn’t wait any longer for the Redemption series to be available at the library so I started with what I had. WOW ~ her books are AMAZING!!! I have to be honest…I’ve only read one other Christian fiction book in its entirety and it was Amazing as well. Her books speak to me and make me more motivated in my walk with the Lord.  Except there’s this problem…when I start the book I can NOT put it down. Yes, my kids are fed and bathed and played with. But, oh my word, I get so into the books and can not wait one more minute to find out what happens next. I’ve completed the Firstborn series in a matter of mere days and am dying to get my hands on the Redemption series (I have books 2 & 3) but I’m still waiting for the library. I have hope though because Redemption is due back next week and I have a hold on it. But, I also can’t wait to start the next series…I think it is Sunrise…I’m sure any of the millions of Karen Kingsbury’s fans out there agree. But you know what will be hard for me…they’re not all out yet. Only the first and the second comes the end of this month. Anyway, the point is I’ve been reading the last book yesterday and today and my house is turned upside down!!! I kept telling myself…”O.K. just one more chapter and then start the laundry and load the dishwasher.” Only I didn’t read just one more chapter, I read the entire book. Now that I’m finished with the book I’m here writing about the book and how great all her books (that I’ve read) are! I am a procrastinator for sure!!! Well, I guess I’ll go load the dishwasher before I have to go get my girl from school!!! Then we’ll come home and I’ll finally shower for the day! I know, I know….I put off taking a shower too!!! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Great post! I am a procrastinator, but it’s more with “big projects” than the day to day things. This is even true when there’s housework, chores and errands to do. I absolutely cannot sit down and pick up my book until I’ve done my “stuff”. That said, I do love to read and read a lot! I’ve read the Redemption series by Kingsbury and they were really good. I waited until all of Firstborn was written and available at my library before I started on them. I’ll do the same with Sunrise (hopefully!). It bothers me to not have them available and to have to wait. Hmmph! Anyway, apparently I’m not the only one reading these books. I’ve read 1 and 2 of Firstborn, but I’ve had to get on the wait list for both, and am currently waiting on #3 right now. Sigh. I have to learn to be patient! In the mean time, I went today and checked out a series by Lori Wick, another Christian fiction writer (although I do tend to like KK better). 🙂

    Happy Reading!!!

  2. She doesn’t call it life-changing fiction for nothing! Some of my friends and I talk about the Baxters and Katie and Dayne as though they are real people! I don’t know what I’ll do when she’s done with the Sunrise series. I’ll probably have a breakdown if there are no more Baxter books for me to be waiting for!
    I must say, however, that all of her other books that I’ve read are just as good! Sooo, if you need some Karen library filler while you are waiting for Redemption, try One Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday morning (in that order). EXCELLENT!!
    And, oh yeah, what did you think of Redeeming Love??
    Miss you!

  3. I’m a procrastinator too! And LOVE to read…..I love all of Kingsbury’s books I’ve read and have read a lot of them. I want to finish the Baxter series but might have to start again to be refreshed on the family. You’ll probably love anything by her.

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