Wordless Wednesday – Marker Mishap



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12 Responses

  1. oh dear… it was a mishap alright.

    happy ww!

  2. Uh oh, somebody had fun! Aren’t kids feet the cutest, even when they’re covered in marker.

  3. The whole foot is almost covered.

  4. LOL LOL that is just the cutest thing ever.. It totally reminds me of my little man and what he did back in June. Here is my blog post about our marker mishap, http://tinyurl.com/2fsd9u
    Happy WW.

  5. Was it a mishap or failed attempt at toenail painting? 😉

  6. Oh I have so been here, actually just yesterday lol! Love the chubby foot.

  7. At least it was a pretty color! Washable markers, I hope! I think it’s a requirement of childhood to have at least one marker episode. 🙂


  8. Love seeing little Picasso’s at work 🙂 Hope it was mostly confied to the foot and not furniture, rugs and walls!

  9. at least they enjoyed coloring. Don’t you just love cleaning up stuff like that????

  10. Oops! Or maybe it was meant to be done 🙂 !!

    Good to see you posting, I was wondering where you had been 🙂 !!

  11. Ooops! My son’s little 3 year old marks/colors/writes on everything! And then she tells them she doesn’t know why but she just had to….not so cute when you have to clean it all up though.

  12. oh funny!!! i love marker “tattoos” 😉 my friends daughter had a “thing” for makers too. except she(the 2 year old) decided to express her creative self all over her mama’s friends WHITE SUEDE COUCH!!

    ouch. can you imagine?

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