Halloween Cuteness!!!

 I present to you…


The Pretty Witch


The Handsome Dash!



We had a great Halloween! We did a small circle around our neighborhood and the kids are loaded down with a ton of candy! Now, if I can just keep my hands off of it…Yeah, right, who am I kidding??? 😉

You know the one thing we didn’t get done this year was the carving of pumpkins. It’s one of our favorite things and time just slipped away from us. I guess we’ll be doing that this weekend…just for fun!!!

My son had such a good time last night and it was just too cute to hear him say “Tick Teat” at every house and then try to close their doors for them when he was done!!! A friend of my daughters and her two brothers came with us and it was a blast! They were all so cute!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

I love Halloween, but am so Thankful it is behind us now! I can NOT wait for Thanksgiving…it is my most favorite holiday EVER!!!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!





One Response

  1. Aww, VERY cute! And that’s why we take ’em trick or treating, so we can get candy! I went through my kids buckets and got some, or maybe I sneaked in theirs!

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