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I’ve been tagged!
March 21, 2007

Finally I’ve been tagged for a meme! I love to do memes – I know call me crazy if you must!!!

So, Gail, tagged me for this music meme. Thanks, Gail! The object of the meme is to list 7 songs that you are into right now. That is a tall order for someone who just loves music, but I can do it!

1. How Can I Keep From Singing – Chris Tomlin

2. Upside Down – Jack Johnson

3. Open Skies – David Crowder Band

4. I Need You to Love Me – Barlow Girl

5. Not Ready to Make Nice – Dixie Chicks

6. Praying for Sunny Days – Hyperstatic Union

7. Least Complicated – Indigo Girls (this is one I’ve been into for years and I listen to it often)

Ok, well, I’m not sure who likes to do memes and who does not so if I tag you and you don’t want to do it – it’s okay! No pressure!!! So, tag you’re it:

Mrs. Tater & Tot

An Ordinary Mom


An Iowa Mom


Don’t forget to let me know when you do it or if you do it! I can’t wait to come check out what songs you’re into! Thanks, again, to Gail for tagging me!


A letter to Santa – a Meme
December 1, 2006

Dear Santa,                         santa.jpg


I know it’s a little early, and usually this letter writing tradition is saved for the children, but I just can’t help it. I think that I’ve been really, really, really sort of good this year, and want you to be the first to see my Christmas list. So, Santa, here are the things that I deserve want under my tree on the 25th.

1. A personal stylist – clothes, hair & makeup

2. The willpower to STOP eating junk food

3. A housekeeper – all day, every day

4. Books, books, & more books

5. The time to read all those books

6. A laptop – so I can read & write blogs anywhere I want

7. World Peace – I don’t want to be too greedy

8. Cures for every disease known to man – cause I would share

Please, dear Santa, do grant me my wishes. You can see from my list that I will carry on your giving spirit.  If these things aren’t under my tree I will be very, very disappointed. No pressure, I mean you wouldn’t want to disappoint little ole me and the rest of the world. Would you?



*This meme was passed on to me by my very bestest friend. Now, you over there consider yourself tagged!

**Anyone else who wants to play along please do so! Just let me know you did so I can check you out and leave a link to you here!!!