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Catching Up
February 13, 2007

I was forced to take a blogging break! No one held me by gunpoint and made me do it though, which is a good thing. 🙂 Actually late Thursday evening my Internet connection went down and was not restored until early Saturday afternoon.

I missed doing a Thursday 13 about my son in honor of his birthday. I’ll probably just do that one this week!

I missed the Friday Feast. It would’ve only been my 2nd one anyway so no big deal, but I did want to do a birthstory/first year sort of post in honor of my son’s 1st birthday. His birthday was on Friday.

We celebrated on Saturday and by the time the Internet connection was restored we were in full blown party mode. And I was just too exhausted by the end of the evening to play catch up. I missed SMART Habit Saturday, but I’ll just update this week instead.

Sunday we were gone practically all day. After church we went to lunch with some friends and after that we went to Lowe’s to do some major shopping. We are re-doing our main bathroom and went to purchase all the supplies.

Monday we were busy demoing the bathroom and finishing shopping for the accessories. I will definitely be showing before and after pictures on that one (as long as I like the outcome)! 😉

So, that brings us to today and quite honestly I’m exhausted just looking at my bloglines let alone reading them. You people sure know how to keep a girl busy!!!

As a side note…some of you who frequent this site may have noticed that I took down my blogroll from my sidebar. Well, I didn’t do it to hurt anyones feelings, I’m just revamping it to make it a page. There are a lot of great bloggers out there that I read and it might just take up the whole sidebar if I kept adding to it. So, look for that page to come soon if you are interested in who I might read!

Ok, so I’m off to try and catch up on my blogging buddies! Have a great day!


Last Minute gifts & goodies
December 23, 2006

This is what we were doing yesterday!


We made simple picture frames from popsicle sticks – painted them & wrote a message on them. These will be the gifts from the kids to grandparents, aunts, & uncles!



We also made our first ever chocolate truffles. Thanks to Kelli for sharing her recipe & photos of her delicious truffles. I just couldn’t resist and I needed to use up what I had left as far as baking goes. They were super easy. We rolled ours in crushed peppermints, colored sprinkles, red sugar, and confectioners sugar. They are very yummy!


Hope you all have a very happy Christmas Eve eve! I’m out to finish up my list and get a few groceries. It should be an interesting day! I’m not a big fan of the holiday crowds, but we forgot decided at the last minute on a couple family members gifts! Wish me luck!!!

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Colossians 3: 12, NIV

Real Beauty
December 22, 2006

My daughter has a calendar realbeauty inside and out by American Girl. I just thumbed through and read all the quotes and wanted to share them with you. Thought provoking and so true – they are great!


“…appreciating good things – and good people.”

“…curling up by the fireplace, toasting a marshmallow, or warming someone’s heart!”

“…forgetting past mistakes and letting go of grudges.”

“…finding a way to brighten a gray day.”

“…knowing that rainy days make flowers grow.”

“…splashing in a puddle.”

“…having an attitude that shines!”

“…turning off the T.V. and going outside!”

“…how you look when you’re having FUN.”

“…running fast and jumping high. See what your body can DO!”

“…learning something new every day.”

“…knowing that to get respect you have to give it.”

“…making your corner of the world a better place.”

“…letting your glow show!”

“…knowing that actions speak louder than words.”

Don’t you think those are great?  Do you have any you think should be added? I’m going to have to use these quotes for her scrapbook when I get around to making it!

Today we are going to make some picture frames from popsicle sticks for presents from the kids to some of our family! I can’t wait to see how they turn out! We also have some errands to run and other things to finish up before Christmas Eve! Have a great Friday!

TGIF-a post with no direction!
December 8, 2006

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I love the weekends! Everybody gets to be home together for two whole days!!! Which is not always the case, but still we have the option if we so choose! We have some plans for the weekend: Saturday brunch with the in-laws and then off to decorate gingerbread houses at said in-laws with the kids, ofcourse. Saturday game night with a couple who happen to be our friends. 🙂 We played Cranium last Friday night and we had soooooo much fun! Have you played this? We were so hooked we played until 3 in the morning! Seriously addictive!

Sunday is church ofcourse and daughter attends Music Makers in the evening. We are hoping to get to see my mom this weekend so that we can give her her birthday present! Her birthday was the 5th! Happy Birthday to You!

We have several birthdays in the month of December:

My mom – 5th

Mom-in-law – 8th (Today-Happy Birthday to you, too)

Brother – 9th

Nephew – 19th (this would also be my late step-dads)

Baby Jesus – 25th

I also have a lot of Chritmas goodies that need to be, atleast, started this weekend!

Scented Cinnamon Ornaments,

a craft or two for everyone from daughter (still searching for good ideas),

gingerbread boys & girls to decorate at school Holiday party,

cookies & treats to share,

teachers & office staff gifts,

and others I can’t remember right now (need to write them down)!

Those of you who have visited before…do you like this theme? I really like the other one, but I’m all about some change. I love to change things up & give you (okay  me) something new to look at. If only I knew how to design my own theme/layout! I may have to take some web design courses.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. I doubt I will be posting anything this weekend. Here’s a cute picture to send you on your way!