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Self Feeding & Other News
February 23, 2007

Self Feeding! Who needs a spoon?

This is what they mean by letting your baby learn to self-feed, right? Who needs a spoon when it feels so good to just squish it in your hands? He sure does love his oatmeal! He also painted the walls and floor with his oatmeal! 🙂


In other news…

For a girl who doesn’t win anything I am sure feeling lucky this week! I have two, yes two, books coming from two different bloggers!

Gail is sending me this book to read. She offered it up on her blog to anyone who might be interested and I was the first to respond. I love to read and am trying to expand on the authors and books that I read. Thanks, Gail!




Mrs. Chicken held a contest at her blog for a copy of

How to Laugh More, Argue Less, and Communicate Better as Your Family Grows

The first winner never responded, silly girl. So Mrs. Chicken held the contest again and I won! Yeah! I have been wanting to read this book and have seen several reviews around the blogosphere – some good, some bad, and some indifferent. I want to see for myself! Thanks Mrs. Chicken!!!

I will be passing both of these books along when I am finished reading them. So, look for your chance to win!


5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a contest to win this cool game.


We are a game loving family and it would be nice to win this, too! Head on over to their place to see how you can enter to win!

Speaking of 5 Minutes for Mom – next week is the Blog Party! I look forward to finding some new to me blogs out there! And, who doesn’t love a party!

Ultimate Blog Party



If you haven’t been to Moms of Grace yet you need to go! It is a new forum for Christian mothers of all kinds! Go for support, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, or for just plain good fellowship! Head on over and check it out!

Mom's of Grace




This week on my Menu Plan Monday I decided to try several new recipes. Well, they have all been tested and some were keepers…some were not!

The Maple Salmon is definitely a keeper. It was very good.

The Creamy Baked Chicken is also a definite keeper! Delicious!

The Hearty Hash Brown Dinner was not a hit at our house. I didn’t like how the hash browns turned to mush. Oh well, the baby sure did like it! But, we won’t be making this again.

The Zesty Barbecue Chicken also not a hit! I think it was the Italian Dressing that made it a no-keeper. I love Italian dressing, but it just wasn’t for this recipe.

The Roasted Potatoes were scrumptious! We all loved them and they will definitely make it into our menu rotation quite often. I think we might experiment with the dressing on them, too! Delish!


Well, that’s all for now! If you are still reading…Thanks! This was a long one! Have a great weekend!


This is what happens when…
February 22, 2007

I leave the room long enough to go to the bathroom!
My Son & The PlantWhat a mess!

Just proof that this child should not be left alone! But, yet another thing to be Thankful for…God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt!

Tuesday Testimony
January 30, 2007

I decided to do a lighthearted post today because last weeks testimony was not. Also because I was lacking the time to draft it earlier and this was just too cute not to share!!!

Worn Out!!!

My Tuesday Testimony: I wear my son out! I put him in his highchair, after a morning full of playing, give him some cheerios and turn on Blues Clues and this is what I find only five minutes later! 🙂 

Nine Months
December 5, 2006



Nine months. Nine months? Has it really been nine months? You have now been in this world as long as you were growing in my belly. Why does the time go by so fast? You change every. single. day! Today was your nine month check-up with Dr. B. He is such a wonderful doctor & really seems to be smitten by you. You did great today and only had to have one shot – a flu shot. You kept giggling at the nurse and she had so much fun playing with you. You are going to be, well already are, very outgoing. You smile and babble to every passerby. You put a smile on everyones face. You bring so much joy to the lives around you. Even your older sister has been bitten by the baby bug. Yeah, sometimes she gets a little jealous of all the attention you get, but it doesn’t last long. She loves to play with you and hold you and try to help you walk. She has been a great helper. She refuses to change diapers though…can’t say I blame her. If I had a choice I wouldn’t change stinky diapers either. You have been a great baby so far. You started sleeping through the night around month 3 and have ever since except for a few teething nights. You have two teeth and two more cutting through. You love to put everything in your mouth. You will find the teeny tiniest little bitty piece of something on any given surface and try your best to eat it before I can get it away from you. This has caused me much frustration and hilarity. You can say: baba, dada, mama, nana, papa, byebye & sometimes hiiiiiiiii! You are a talker but only when you want to be. You like to dance to catchy tunes on Noggin! I love when you do this, it is too cute. You love to eat cheerios and any kind of fruit I will give you. We are being very cautious with table foods and so you haven’t had much variety in that category, but we’re working on it. You do have a very healthy appetite and love to eat your sweet potatoes and chicken dinner. You are still trying to get used to your sippy cup. But, you do love to throw it around! You have the most mesmerizing blue eyes. I could look into those eyes forever. You are such a beautiful little soul and we all love you very much. We thank God for sending you to us to love and protect and raise. Technically you will be 10 months old in four days, but we seem to be a month behind at the doctors office and so I’m writing about your nine months today because it is hard for me to believe that this nine months has gone by so quickly! I love you little man forever and always!